Meet Cosplayer Special Guest Ashe Malkamaki!

Dat Ashe Cosplay has been an avid cosplayer since 2010 and a performer at heart since four years old. He has performed alongside his troupe, Texan Heat Nerdlesque, for two years and all across Texas, sending a positive message as well as telling entertaining stories through their colourful and creative acts. With 50+ costumes under his belt, his wonderful cosplay partner as his side, dogged determination, a passion for performance arts, and a polite demeanor, Ashe is ready to pass on that knowledge to anyone who asks! On a side note, feel free to take in the Cosplay Music Video that he and his partner are filming over the course of the convention!

Meet AMA-CON vendor Momma Rom!

Mary Andrews writes Psionic Sci Fi: the inevitable fusion of man, machine, the paranormal, and now…the supernatural. Mary’s published titles include The Fireborn Chronicles and she hopes to release the series prequel The Fireborn Chronicles: The Bat In The Moon, later this year. This year she will be be accompanied by husband and wife artist team, Grant & Alex Penick, who are scheduled to illustrate a children’s book.for her soon. Ya’ll come!

AMA-CON 2018 Art Show!

Calling all artists! Bring your geekiest art and enter the AMA-CON 2018 Art Show organized by

the Amarillo Museum of Art! Here’s everything you need to know!

Edward James Olmos is coming to AMA-CON 2018

AMA-CON was started by Friends of the Amarillo Public Library in 2012 and has grown into an event that is a gift to the Amarillo community and a significant fundraiser—allowing the Friends to continue their mission to support the Amarillo Public Library by providing funds for programs such as the Summer Reading Club, AMARILLO READS Community Reading Program, English as a Second Language and Citizenship Classes, STEM programs, and many other education and enrichment events planned by Library staff throughout the year.

The Friends are delighted to announce a special guest for this year’s con.  You may know him because of his work on critically acclaimed biopics such as Stand and Deliver or Selena, or beloved animated films like The Road to El Dorado and Coco.  Or you may know his television work on programs such as Miami Vice, The West Wing, Dexter, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or Battlestar Galactica.

Edward James Olmos is an Academy Award nominee, two-time Golden Globe winner, Emmy winner, and a Tony nominee.  His other accolades include the Saturn Award, Behind the Voice Award, ALMA award, and the Independent Spirit.

Olmos is also a noted humanitarian having worked with and contributed to organizations such as The United Way, ONE Campaign, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Wildlife Federation, the Thank You Ocean Campaign, and many others.

At AMA-CON 2018, Edward James Olmos will join other guests Nnedi Okorafor, Ronald L Smith, and Sabrina Symington on the Diversity in Pop Culture panel and offer a Q&A with fans.

He will also present a keynote address on Saturday evening—USA, the world I’m living in.  This will be a separately ticketed event.  Tickets go on sale at noon today through Panhandle Tickets—and that will allow us to offer online AMA-CON tickets for the first time—as attendees will have the option to purchase a keynote ticket that includes a two-day admission to AMA-CON.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — SCI FI Channel — Pictured: Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama — SCI FI Photo: Justin Stephens

Remember to mark your calendars for AMA-CON 2018— August 4 & 5 – and join us to EXPLORE the AWESOMENESS!

2018 Merchant/Artist Registration

This is the form to submit for a booth at AMA-CON 2018!
Please send the completed form to:, or you can mail it to:
Amarillo Public Library
P.O. Box 2171
Amarillo, TX 79105-2171

Mark Your Calendars!

In case you haven’t heard, AMA-CON 2018 will take place August 4 and 5 at the Amarillo Civic Center!  In fact, to help our artists, vendors, and participants make plans, AMA-CON is now always scheduled for the first weekend in August!

Meet AMA-CON Vendor Amy West of Hargoliph Studio

Amy is an artist, teacher, and webcomic author who works in a wide range of mediums in both Traditional and Digital spectrums. She specializes in drawing animals and mythical creatures. She also the writer and artist for the online webcomics Star Watcher and Finders Keepers. She will be offering prints, posters, bottle cap pins, laminated bookmarks, comics, and even hand made piggy banks!

She’ll hosting several panels this year in addition to running her booth in the Vendors Hall! Stop by or check her out online:





AMA-CON 2017 Artists and Vendor Listings – including maps

Booth # Vendor
NXH 100 501st Legion/Rebel Legion/Mandalorian Mercs
NXH 100 501st Legion/Rebel Legion/Mandalorian Mercs – 2nd Booth
NXH 101 Seiya Fantasy
NXH 102 Kittikaiju Prints
NXH 103 Robot Friday
NXH 104 Robot Friday – 2nd Booth
NXH 105 George Zepeda
NXH 106 Chris Vanderford
NXH 107 Crayon Comics
NXH 108 Lion Dreams Creations
NXH 109 Rayan Turner Art
NXH 201 Monster’s Lair Comics
NXH 202 AJ & Kiringale
NXH 203 Ken Tackett
NXH 204 Chante and Ashley
NXH 205 Art by Daniel Keith/Magic of Amarillo
NXH 206 Mel-Cat Illustrations
NXH 207 Mel-Cat Illustrations – 2nd Booth
NXH 208 David Angelo Roman
NXH 209 David Angelo Roman – 2nd Booth
NXH 210 David Angelo Roman – 3rd Booth
NXH 211 Broke ‘N Happy, Ink
NXH 212 Broke ‘N Happy, Ink – 2nd Booth
NXH 213 Triad Collectibles
NXH 214 Triad Collectibles – 2nd Booth
NXH 301 Monster’s Lair Comics – 2nd Booth
NXH 302 Comics and More
NXH 303 Comics and More – 2nd Booth
NXH 304 Comics and More – 3rd Booth
NXH 305 Comics and More – 4th Booth
NXH 306 Triad Collectibles – 3rd Booth
NXH 307 Triad Collectibles – 4th Booth
NXH 308 Triad Collectibles – 5th Booth
NXH 309 Triad Collectibles – 6th Booth
NXH 310 Triad Collectibles – 7th Booth
NXH 311 Triad Collectibles – 8th Booth
NXH 312 Triad Collectibles – 9th Booth
NXH 313 Triad Collectibles – 10th Booth
NXH 314 Triad Collectibles – 11th Booth
NXH 401 Robert Axelrod
NXH 402 Sun Anime
NXH 403 Sun Anime – 2nd Booth
NXH 404 Sun Anime – 3rd Booth
NXH 405 Animal Lodge
NXH 406 Tugg the Wonder Dog
NXH 407 Anime Aiko
NXH 408 Anime Aiko – 2nd Booth
NXH 409 Anime Aiko – 3rd Booth
NXH 410 White Lightning Productions
NXH 411 White Lightning Productions – 2nd Booth
NXH 412 The OMG Store
NXH 413 The OMG Store – 2nd Booth
NXH 414 The OMG Store – 3rd Booth
NXH 501 Robert Axelrod – 2nd Booth
NXH 502 Scentsy
NXH 503 Scentsy – 2nd Booth
NXH 504 Team 5-2
NXH 505 Ornamental Glass
NXH 506 Black Dog Enterprises
NXH 507 Black Dog Enterprises – 2nd Booth
NXH 508 Barnes and Noble
NXH 509 Barnes and Noble – 2nd Booth
NXH 510 Barnes and Noble -3rd Booth
NXH 511 Surea Sundry Store
NXH 512 The OMG Store – 4th Booth
NXH 513 The OMG Store – 5th Booth
NXH 514 The OMG Store – 6th Booth
NXH 601 Friends of the Amarillo Public Library
NXH 602 Blue Bug Decal
NXH 603 Fairweather Arts – Dauntless Gypsy
NXH 604 Pickle Sap
NXH 605 Pickle Sap – 2nd Booth
NXH 606 Education Credit Union
NXH 607 Vampire Wombat
NXH 608 JiggleBerry Juice Bar, LLC
NXH 609 Court of Candles
NXH 610 OAC – Open and Affirming Congregations
NXH 611 Drachefrau Feather and Fabric Art
NXH 612 Super Gifts International, Inc.
NXH 613 Super Gifts international, Inc. – 2nd
NXH 614 Odds & Ends
NXH 701 Friends of the Amarillo Public Library – 2nd Booth
NXH 702 Beyond the Surface
NXH 703 Beyond the Surface – 2nd Booth
NXH 704 Cro-Knit Creations
NXH 705 Cro-Knit Creations – 2nd Booth
NXH 706 Rachel Caine
NXH 707 Tantalus Ventures, Inc.
NXH 708 Tantalus Ventures, Inc. – 2nd Booth
NXH 709 Crystal Peddler
NXH 710 Crystal Peddler – 2nd Booth
NXH 711 The Shop of Infinite Curiosities
NXH 712 The Shop of Infinite Curiosities – 2nd Booth
NXH 713 Sewing World
NXH 714 Extreme Martial Arts
NXH 801 Steaming Stiches, LLC
NXH 802 AmeriXanax
NXH 803 Swift Serenity & Snapstories Street Photography
NXH 804 Claire’s Crud Plus
NXH 805 Chibi Cattle Company
NXH 806 Collector’s Rebellion
NXH 807 Collector’s Rebellion – 2nd Booth
NXH 808 Shadow Ware
NXH 809 Hargoliph Studio
NXH 810 Channel 7/The CW
NXH 811 Channel 7/The CW – 2nd Booth
NXH 812 Channel 7/The CW – 3rd Booth
NXH 813 Channel 7/The CW – 4th Booth
NXH 814 Duran Props and Crafts
NXH 901 Steaming Stiches, LLC  – 2nd Booth
NXH 902 Bobbles, Bits, and Adornments
NXH 903 Bobbles, Bits, and Adornments – 2nd Booth
NXH 904 Current Scene Studios
NXH 905 Ninguin Kaizer Designs
NXH 906 Ninguin Kaizer Designs – 2nd Booth
NXH 907 Perez Creative Studios
NXH 908 Perez Creative Studios – 2nd Booth
NXH 909 Faire Treasures
NXH 910 Faire Treasures – 2nd Booth
NXH 911 Brandy Sanchez Designs
NXH 912 Brandy Sanchez Designs – 2nd Booth
NXH 913 Kat Stiles
NXH 914 Space Emporium
NXH 1000 DFW Ghostbusters
NXH 1000 DFW Ghostbusters – 2nd Booth
NXH 1001 Amarillo College
NXH 1002 Penguin-Random House
NXH 1003 Seadog Enterprises
NXH 1004 Seadog Enterprises – 2nd Booth
NXH 1005 Seadog Enterprises – 3rd Booth
NXH 1006 Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk
NXH 1007 Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk – 2nd Booth
NXH 1008 Lilla Rose
NXH 1009 STL Ocarina
NXH A Cosplay Cory
NXH B Dat Ashe Cosplay
NXH C Usborne Books & More of Amarillo
NXH D Usborne Books & More of Amarillo – 2nd Booth
NXH E Alpha Media
NXH F Wire Rim Books
NXH G Momma Rom’s Exotic
NXH H J. L. Curtis & Associates
SXH 101 Unknown Comics
SXH 102 Twin Flame Harmony
SXH 103 Trigits Electronics
SXH 104 Trigits Electronics – 2nd Booth
SXH 201 Unknown Comics – 2nd Booth
SXH 202 Recycled Entertainment
SXH 203 Recycled Entertainment – 2nd Booth
SXH 204 Recycled Entertainment – 3rd Booth
SXH 301 Ninja Pixie Designs
SXH 302 Rule 9 Comics & Games
SXH 303 Coffee Memorial Blood Center
SXH 401 Models and Minis Resin Casting
SXH 402 Sawblade
SXH 403 Sitel
SXH 501 Wulfe’s Collectibles
SXH 502 For the Generation Photography
SXH 503 Yay 4 Anime
SXH 601 Wulfe’s Collectibles- 2nd Booth
SXH 602 Deep Dungeon Games
SXH 603 Tiffany Lamb
SXH 701 Big Apple Comics
SXH 702 Big World
SXH 703 Big World – 2nd Booth
SXH 704 Big World – 3rd Booth
SXH 707 AmtGard
SXH 801 Big Apple Comics – 2nd Booth
SXH 802 CYC Comics
SXH 803 Darkside Comics
SXH 804 No Limits, No Excuses
SXH 807 AmtGard – 2nd Booth
SXH 901 ER Now
HALLWAY Street Auto Group