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Meet AMA-CON 2016 Artist Karen Clemmons

Karen Clemmons


Karen Clemmons has been a professional graphic designer for over a decade with an eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Karen recently joined the world of pop culture and comics with her business that combines her skills as a graphic designer with handmade quality and charm by crafting handmade custom wands and what she calls “Super Letters” as well as handmade pop culture bottle cap lapel pins great for backpacks and caps too!

Karen has a wide selection of wands, letters and pins at several shows in the Amarillo area and invites special orders if you don’t see something that you like at her table! You can order custom merchandise at conventions or through her website at  You’ll find her at the Robot Friday booth, next to her husband Thomas.

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Guest Artist Miranda Crow

Miranda Crow

Miranda E. Crow is a digital artist and has been calling herself that for the past nine years. Self-taught, she loves to learn by looking at photos she takes of her friends to work on composition, lighting, and painting. In her senior year of high school alone, she won the TAPPS 2A Female Fine Arts Student of the Year Award and both 1st and 2nd place in Computer Rendered Art at the state level of competition. Currently a student at Texas Tech University, it’s likely that she’s working on digital art instead of the essay that’s due in the morning.

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Vendor Scotty Grissom of Vampire Wombat

Vampire Wombat

A word from Scotty Grissom:

“I’ve been sculpting off and on for about 14 years. I got started from learning about latex mask making. I’ve had interest in special effects make up, animatronics, action figures, art dolls, and puppet making. I’m influenced by sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and anime. I’m currently working on the bugs on making action figures.”

Pictures will be available later this month at
Some things will be available for sell starting in June at

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Steampunk Vendor Lady Callista’s Wondernarium and Steampunk Bazaar

Lady Callista

Lady Callista’s sells Steampunk and Geekery to delight a wide audience. From starter Steampunk googles you can decorate yourself to one-of-a-kind art pieces in a variety of fandoms, from dicebags to costume pieces and props – there is always something for everyone.


Meet AMA-CON 2016 Artist Roman Morales of Third Empire Studios

Roman Morales headshot

An Artist’s Portrait of Himself:

I was born a poor, caramel-skinned child in Riverside, California, 50 years ago.  I grew up in the age of a newborn Marvel Comics and had several friends who were totally into the Golden Age of Comics. I was a fan of the Incredible Hulk (surprise!).

I loved comics, and as I grew up, attempted to draw them (characters and all) but had a rough start.  My father was a hard working man and when I told him I wanted to be an artist, he said: “That is not a job, you are dreaming; a real job is working hard with your hands”. Well, it didn’t keep me from trying.

After my service in the United States Marine Corps, I was convinced to attend my first comic con in 1991, San Diego Con.  I walked in all cocky, but was soon humbled by editors, publishers, and writers who showed me I had much to learn.  After licking my wounds, I got my first (unpaid) job in comics with Greater Mercury Comics.  I did a couple of books with them, moving on to a new and exciting company just forming called Chaos Comics where I was teamed up with writer and creator Brian Pulido who got me started with a book called The Lynch Mob – a 4 issue mini-series that did pretty well at the beginning.  I did some Lady Death and Evil Ernie cards for Chaos 24 and then moved on to do a few more books with Bishop Press and Comico (I didn’t get paid by them either). 

I continued to work towards the dream and reality of wanting to be a comic book artist, and got somehow turned onto an editor for Marvel’s Special Projects department named Glenn Herdling, who gave me an opportunity to do a mini 16-page X-Men comic book for a Hardee’s Kids meal (issue #4 “The Time Gliders”). 

Near the end of my 15-year-career in law enforcement, I met a talented, up-and-coming artist by the name of Greg Harms.  He and I teamed up and did 4 books for Blue Water productions entitled The Tenth Muse and after working on some personal properties that now go under the studio of Third Empire, Greg and I have some cool books Modus Operandi (Greg’s creation) along with starting back up the Lynch Mob (picking up from issue 4) Issues 5, 6, are done and the series will be ongoing,   We also have several coming up, such as The MidKnights, Control Syndicate, and more.

Come visit our website at, like Third Empire Studios on Facebook, and visit with us at AMA-Con 2015.  I’ll tell you all about my and being a cast member on a Reality TV show (#1 for 3 seasons).


Third Empire

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Cosplay Judges Girls of Geek

Girls of Geek


Girls of Geek is a community of real geek women who empower each other while promoting local businesses and events.

They are cosplayers, web designers, video game freaks, and comic geeks uniting to promote the geek community!

For more information, please visit their website: and be sure to “LIKE” them on Facebook

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Artist Thomas Clemmons of Robot Friday



Thomas Clemmons


Thomas Clemmons is the creator of the webcomic Robot Friday that can be found at which began in May of 2009 and currently boasts over 550 archived and ongoing strips.

Robot Friday is about the everyday adventures of a group of artists, their talking pets and a magic singing robot named Friday.

Along with Robot Friday, Thomas has also created a superhero design system called Design-A-Super that he uses at conventions and in-store appearances to help people open the door to their imaginations. You can find more information about Design-A-Super at or on Twitter: @designasuper and Instagram: designasuper.

You can also find more of Thomas’s work on Youtube at as well as on social media: Twitter (@robotfriday), Facebook (robotfriday), Instagram (robotfriday) and Vine (robotfriday).

Robot Friday

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Vendor Ninguin Kaizer Designs

Ninguin Kaizer Designs

Ninguin Kaizer Designs is a group of 9 people who love to bring people closer in the world of all things “Nerd.”

From Card Games to Video Games, from little known fandoms to huge fandoms alike, we love it all. We do commission works for various things, if there is one that doesn’t know how to get what you want, you are almost guaranteed another one does. From traditional Art to Digital Art and handmade crafts such as mini sculptures and dolls we have a wide range of talents to suit your custom needs.

We have a published book called “Forces of the Divine” currently vol. 1 and working on 2. Our biggest aspiration for our future is to get into Video Game Design and possibly Animated Shorts.

Twitter :

Facebook :