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Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Chris Holm

Chris Holm

Graduate of Amarillo High, Chris attended Amarillo community college to help hone his artistic abilities. Chris’ first big break came when he was approached by game developer Running with Scissors, publisher of the controversial game series “Postal” to do short comic for them after impressing them with his fan art. Since then developing his Steam Pets series of pet portraits. A versatile artist that can take on almost any fandom including Anime, Comic book Superheroes, My little Pony, and Steampunk. Feel free to ask for any advice about drawing or just to chat about all things, Anime, Superheroes, MLP, and Steampunk!

Chris Holm2

Meet AMA-Con 2013 Vendor Ash Glenn of

Ash Glenn - Almost Nerdy is designed to welcome anything and everything considered nerdy and anyone who wants to stay in touch with their nerdy side.  No one said you can’t be cool and still like nerdy things. covers everything from movies, comic books, webcomics, sci-fi, TV shows, cosplay, gaming, conventions, collectibles, nerd humor, zombies, general nerd news, and anything else considered to be nerdy.  They really are your one stop shop for all things nerdy and a place to share information with fellow nerds. Release Your Inner Nerd.

Almost Nerdy


Meet AMA-Con 2013 Vendor Kristin Vinson of “Faire Treasures”

Kristin Vinson

Kristin “CrystalKittyCat” Vinson has been creating anything from art to jewelry to clothing for most of her life. A lover of random bits of the past, she sought to bring those influences to the present while putting her own twist upon them! Creating her own works including clothing pieces, one of a kind jewelry, and even woodburned iPhone cases. She has recently expanded Faire Treasures to include corsets, Steampunk styled shoes, and previously loved items.


Find all of Faire Treasures’ items on the official site, and Etsy shop for all handmade pieces,


And of course, follow updates on Facebook and Twitter


Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Thomas Clemmons of Robot Friday


Thomas Clemmons - Robot Friday

Thomas Clemmons is a professional graphic designer of over 15 years. Raised in Lubbock, Texas Thomas has always had a love of the comic artform. Upon completing college, Thomas worked for several years in and around the Los Angeles, California area in the print and graphic design industry before settling in Amarillo. In 2009, Thomas created the webcomic, Robot Friday. He updates Robot Friday three days a week and currently makes a living as an in-house illustrator and graphic designer.

Robot Friday


Be sure to check out Robot Friday at


Meet AMA-Con Vendor Sara Noyes of Tyrus Treasures

A note from Sara Noyes of Tyrus Treasures:
Tyrus Treasures

“I started out like every other little girl. I would pop in my Sailormoon VHS and pause it on parts I wanted to draw. I was always drawing and as I grew older I started creating stories for the random characters I drew. Then, I fell in love with writing. I’m currently writing my first high fantasy series “Guardians”. All of the characters in my prints are from my story.

My grandmother told me that the strongest thing in the whole world is belief in yourself and what you are capable of. So, never give up and keep doing what you love to do most. It will never become work!”

Meet AMA-Con Artist Jon Hughes

Jon Hughes - Lexi Phoenix

Jon Hughes is the founder and CEO of Overground Comics. His works have been featured by various trading card companies including Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, 5Finity, Versicolor and Bad Axe Studios. Jon began creating and illustrating comics as a hobby while still in grade school and is now building a career in the industry while studying interactive media at the Art Institute of Houston.

Upcoming:  Absent Captain, Plus Ultra, Graduate

Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Daniel Ballard of “The Cat” Webseries

The Cat Webseries

In Daniel Ballard’s webseries, a documentary crew follows small-time superhero The Cat as he goes about defeating ne’er do wells or at least trying to not trip on his own cape.

If you’re interested in checking out “The Cat” Webseries before AMA-Con 2013, please visit: and be sure to visit

Meet AMA-Con Vendor Kat from Figments by Kathleen

EPSON scanner image

I grew up in a house full of books and handcrafted objects. My mother painted, sewed, did silversmithing, read, did needlework and was a children’s librarian. My father taught theatre and acted in and directed shows. Being around all that creativity I was bound to soak some of it up and Figments is the result.

Steampunk is a passion of mine. I grew up reading Verne and I love to figure out how things work. I got to be a part of the etsy Steamteam table at Steampowered, the first all Steampunk convention in the U.S. and have been going strong since then. I attend and sell at Steampunk conventions in the Texas and Oklahoma area these days, though I have been known to range farther afield on occasion.

I make many of my own Steampunk costume pieces, as well as props and accessories and I also find and sell wonderful pieces that someone else might find useful in their costumes and creations.

Cosplay Contest Update!

Our Cosplay contest registration is well underway and we have quite a few entrants so far!  That being said, if you know of anyone 12 or younger who would like to participate, please encourage their parent or guardian to register them for Cosplay!  Pull out those Harry Potter, superhero, and other costumes you have and jazz them up!  We’d love to see what you’ve got!

Please refer to the cosplay and weapons policies when planning your costume.

If you are registering in the 12 and younger bracket, no more than 50% of your costume may be prefabricated.  For example, going to a costume shop and renting a Spiderman costume does not qualify as cosplay.  While you are welcome to dress as such during the convention, obviously pre-made or pre-bought costumes will not be allowed into the contests.

If you are registering in the 13 and over bracket almost all of your costume needs to be heavily modified from its original condition, handcrafted, or personally fabricated.  If you are modeling a costume designed by another person, you must give them full credit and preferably have them on stage with you during the contest so we can applaud both of you.