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Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Thomas Clemmons of Robot Friday


Thomas Clemmons - Robot Friday

Thomas Clemmons is a professional graphic designer of over 15 years. Raised in Lubbock, Texas Thomas has always had a love of the comic artform. Upon completing college, Thomas worked for several years in and around the Los Angeles, California area in the print and graphic design industry before settling in Amarillo. In 2009, Thomas created the webcomic, Robot Friday. He updates Robot Friday three days a week and currently makes a living as an in-house illustrator and graphic designer.

Robot Friday


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Meet AMA-Con Vendor Sara Noyes of Tyrus Treasures

A note from Sara Noyes of Tyrus Treasures:
Tyrus Treasures

“I started out like every other little girl. I would pop in my Sailormoon VHS and pause it on parts I wanted to draw. I was always drawing and as I grew older I started creating stories for the random characters I drew. Then, I fell in love with writing. I’m currently writing my first high fantasy series “Guardians”. All of the characters in my prints are from my story.

My grandmother told me that the strongest thing in the whole world is belief in yourself and what you are capable of. So, never give up and keep doing what you love to do most. It will never become work!”

Meet AMA-Con Artist Jon Hughes

Jon Hughes - Lexi Phoenix

Jon Hughes is the founder and CEO of Overground Comics. His works have been featured by various trading card companies including Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, 5Finity, Versicolor and Bad Axe Studios. Jon began creating and illustrating comics as a hobby while still in grade school and is now building a career in the industry while studying interactive media at the Art Institute of Houston.

Upcoming:  Absent Captain, Plus Ultra, Graduate

Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Daniel Ballard of “The Cat” Webseries

The Cat Webseries

In Daniel Ballard’s webseries, a documentary crew follows small-time superhero The Cat as he goes about defeating ne’er do wells or at least trying to not trip on his own cape.

If you’re interested in checking out “The Cat” Webseries before AMA-Con 2013, please visit: and be sure to visit