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Meet AMA-Con 2014 Artist Chris Vanderford

Chris Vanderford

Chris Vanderford is a local cartoonist here in Amarillo and the creator of a cartoon entitled “Outback”, which centers on a number of Australian critters that live in the eponymous outback. His main artistic influences are Warner Bros. cartoons such as Looney Tunes and Animaniacs.

OUtback Character Lineup

Meet AMA-Con 2014 Author and Vendor Kristi Harms

kristi harms

Kristi Harms is creator and author of Modus Operandi #1, her children’s book Lola and Bernice #1 and is currently working on issue #2 of Lola and Bernice. Modus Operandi and Lola and Bernice are published by Third Empire Studio, drawn by Roman Morales III, and inked and colored by husband Greg Harms, with letters by Keith Braun. Kristi also does Steampunk jewelry and craftwork. She will have Lola and Bernice #1 and her jewelry at the show!

lola and bernice

Meet AMA-Con 2014 Artist Chris Holm

Chris Holm

San Antonio’s own Chris Holm will be making his third appearance at AMA-Con! Holm is the author of Steam Pets, set several hundred years in the future after the latest apocalypse. “Humanity struggles to survive…but it’s not alone. Follow the adventure of the Steam Pets as they adventure across the Alamo wastelands of San Antonio, Texas. Each major character is named after a city street.”

You can find Chris’s work at Nine-Tails and Visit his website at and be sure to meet him at AMA-Con 2014!

Meet AMA-Con 2014 Artist Roman Navarrete

Roman Navarette

Roman Navarrete is an up-and-coming artist born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. He has worked for such prestigious clients as His Mommy and His Friends.

  • NonExistent Magazine hails him as probably the best artist I’ve ever seen
  • TotallyMadeUp Weekly raves – I wish I never had to sleep so I could stare at his work forever!
  • Renowned artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau says – Who?

He is currently working on finishing all of his veggies, but if the anticipation is more than you can bear, you can find his work here: