Meet AMA-Con Artist Greg Harms of Third Empire Studios

Dead Zone Rage Machine - Greg Harms and Roman Morales

Greg Harms began self-publishing comics in the late eighties (titles such as: The Agenda, Kangaroo Court, SEAL, and more) and since then has owned, edited, illustrated, published, and sold anything that could be put on paper (including owning and operating a tourism paper, editing a local paper and working as a graphic designer at Hastings Entertainment). In 2006, Greg joined Third Empire Studios with Roman Morales, III to work on properties such as Lynch Mob (originally published in the 90’s from Chaos Comics), MidKnights, and a bazillion dinosaurs that Roman can’t stop drawing. The artist/inker/colorist team has worked together on 10th Muse 800 from Bluewater Productions and Kord and Harley from Arcana Comics. Greg also inked Jonathan Rector’s (JAR) pages for Kord and Harley from Arcana.

Roman and Greg have also done numerous pinups (including several inks that Greg has done with the Capstone Comics (CCP) crew and pinups in the Atland comic by Nate Piekos) and numerous trading cards. He is currently working on his creator-owned titles Parlay, Casting Lots, Alien Skies, and Control Syndicate, as well as an anthology for 7th Wave Comics called Undertow and Station 39 with CCP over Matt Campbell’s pencils. Greg, along with writer Kristi Harms, over the pencils of Roman Morales, III, published issue #1 of a steampunk detective comic called Modus Operandi and a children’s book called Lola and Bernice. Lola and Bernice #1 was published in 2013 and issue #2 will be done in 2015. Greg also sculpts, does watercolors, digitally colors and oil/acrylic paints. Greg lives in the Texas panhandle with his wife, Kristi and 2 children, Sarah and Nathan. He can be reached at and his work can be seen at


Self-published work include:1988-2015; The Agenda, Kangaroo Court, SEAL, Alien Skies, Control Syndicate, Lynch Mob, MidKnights, Parlay, Casting Lots, Modus Operandi, Lola and Bernice, and Bok-Lok the Bad.

Published work includes:

  • Atland # 6 by Nate Piekos from Blambot, Pinup inks and colors, 2007.
  • Reeper+Destroyer from Vengeance Studio, cover/pinup Inks, sequential colors, graphic and logo design, 2007.
  • Atland # 8 by Nate Piekos from Blambot, Pinup inks and colors, 2008.
  • Hellgirl Sketchbook from Blueline/Sketch Magazine, pinup inks, 2008.
  • Johnny Saturn Pinup Gallery from Story Studios, pinup inks, 2008.
  • 10th Muse 800 issues 800-803 from Bluewater Productions, sequential inks, 2009.
  • One Way Trip from Capstone Comics Publishing, cover inks, 2010.
  • Pinpoint #1 from Big Dog Ink, fill-in inks pgs 20-25, 2010.
  • Pinpoint #3 from Big Dog Ink, cover inks, 2010.
  • Undertow #1-#5 from 7th Wave Comics, cover colors, back cover inks and colors, sequential story and logo/graphic design, 2010-2015.
  • Freshmen Orientation college textbook from Robot Cowboy Studios, sequential inks issue #2-#5, 2010.
  • Kord and Harley #3-#4 and BRN from Arcana Comics, cover (#3-#6) and sequential inks, TBA.
  • Bad Moon from Markosia Enterprises, sequential inks, TBA.
  • Father Faust #1-#3 from CCP, sequential inks, 2014-2015.
  • Repoman from EGA Productions, graphic design, inks,and colors.  2014.
  • Rooferman from EGA Productions, graphic design, inks,and colors.  2015.
  • Miscellaneous work in the movie and music industries (comic book art as props, and CD covers.) 2009-2010.