Meet AMA-CON 2017 Special Guests The 501st Legion

Since 1997, the 501st Legion has been dedicated to re-creating film-quality costumes of the “villainous” characters of the Star Wars galaxy and entertaining Star Wars fans with our public appearances. Over the past twenty years, the 501st has become a leading force in fan-based charity events around the world. Members of the Legion have heightened awareness at promotional events, helped to raise millions of dollars for charity, and spread the magic of Star Wars to fans of all ages.

The 501st Legion, sometimes called by its nickname “Vader’s Fist,” is made up entirely of volunteers, and each of our members has spent months and sometimes even years researching and constructing their costumes. With over 10,000 approved members worldwide, our costumes include just about every “bad guy” in the Star Wars galaxy… Sith Lords like Darth Vader and Darth Maul; nefarious bounty hunters like Boba Fett and Greedo; hostile aliens like Tusken Raiders and Gamorrean Guards; and of course, the soldiers of the evil Galactic Empire: Clone Troopers, Sandtroopers, TIE Fighter Pilots, Biker Scouts, and the ever-popular, nameless, faceless Stormtroopers that are a universal symbol of Imperial might!