Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Ben Dunn


Ben Dunn was born in Taiwan on April 17, 1964. His first professional work was in BLOODY BONES AND BLACK-EYED PEAS #1 for Galaxy Comics in 1983. In 1985, he started Antarctic Press with MANGAZINE, manga-inspired comic book where he introduced TIGER-X, MIGHTY TINY, THE MAGICIAN and MESSERSCHMITT. In 1986, he debuted NINJA HIGH SCHOOL at Baycon. NINJA HIGH SCHOOL went on to issue #175 and there are currently over 300 issues of NHS continuity making it one of the longest running independent comics. Currently he is working on a revival of the series.

In 1995, he created Antarctic Press’s biggest hit in WARRIOR NUN AREALA. Currently, WARRIOR NUN is being developed at Perfect Circle Productions as a live-action feature film. He served as editor-in-chief for Antarctic Press from 1985-1993. He found such talent as Dave Johnson, Fred Perry, Ted Nomura, Robert DeJesus, Terry Moore and many more giving them their first break into comics. He worked for Eternity Comics from 1988-1994 where he worked on such comics as CAPTAIN HARLOCK, PROJECT: AKO, and BUSHIDO. In 2003 he created HEAVEN SENT.  Currently he has completed a run of graphic novels featuring SHELOCK HOLMES and BOXCAR CHILDREN for Magic Wagon as well as a NINJA HIGH SCHOOL reboot. He also has contributed to APs line of HOW TO DRAW MANGA series. In 2001, he created the MANGAVERSE for Marvel Comics which were manga versions of popular Marvel characters. He just completed a stint on the Golden Age character known as Airboy with Chuck Dixon.

His portfolio can be seen at or you can drop a line at as well as his Facebook page.