Meet AMA-Con 2013 Artist Greg Harms of Third Empire

Greg Harms

Greg Harms started working in comics as a pencil artist, inker, colorist and designer in the early 90’s on his creator-owned, self-published books. Since then he has worked as a graphic artist for Hastings, Ent., done freelance graphic design work, been a advertising sales representative and worked as an editor for local newspapers and owned and operated his own tourism paper.

Greg joined Roman Morales III as a partner in Third Empire Studio in 2006. Together they have produced work for major companies as well as many self-published and indie publishers. Greg has worked for Bluewater Productions on a 4 issue miniseries on 10th Muse 800 as an inker over Roman Morales III pencils. He has worked for Arcana as an inker on the Kord and Harley trade paperback, as well as, BigDog Ink’s   Pinpoint mini-series. Greg has worked with Plan B Comics inking over Roman Morales III on the Deadzone title. Greg has also joined indie publishers CCP (Station 39 and Father Faust #1-#3) and Luke Donkersloot’s 7th Wave Comics (Undertow #1-#3 on-going title) to ink and/or color there titles.

Third Empire Studio is publishing Roman Morales III’s titles Lynch Mob #5+ (issue #1-4 formerly published by Chaos Comics in the mid ’90’s), MidKnights #1-#7 , as well as Kristi Harms’ Modus Operandi and Lola and Bernice (a children’s book), and Greg Harms’ Parlay, Casting Lots, and Control Syndicate. Greg is also working with Derrick Fleece on his creator-owned property Streaming to be published by Third Empire Studio. Third Empire is also producing trading cards for the hit TV show Fugitivos de la Ley on Mun2, as well as a spin-off comic called Repoman from the tv show Operation Repo. Both Operation Repo and Fugitivos de la Ley are produced by Lou Pizzaro.

Greg and wife Kristi are also opening a studio/gallery in an antique shop in Texas. Greg will be showing his acrylic, and oil paintings, sculptures, and pencil and ink work. The gallery will also host a revolving venue of artist. The g.harms gallery will show everything from comic art, fine art, graffiti art to steampunk costume wear. Kristi will also be showing her jewelry and photographs.




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