Cosplay Contest Update!

Our Cosplay contest registration is well underway and we have quite a few entrants so far!  That being said, if you know of anyone 12 or younger who would like to participate, please encourage their parent or guardian to register them for Cosplay!  Pull out those Harry Potter, superhero, and other costumes you have and jazz them up!  We’d love to see what you’ve got!

Please refer to the cosplay and weapons policies when planning your costume.

If you are registering in the 12 and younger bracket, no more than 50% of your costume may be prefabricated.  For example, going to a costume shop and renting a Spiderman costume does not qualify as cosplay.  While you are welcome to dress as such during the convention, obviously pre-made or pre-bought costumes will not be allowed into the contests.

If you are registering in the 13 and over bracket almost all of your costume needs to be heavily modified from its original condition, handcrafted, or personally fabricated.  If you are modeling a costume designed by another person, you must give them full credit and preferably have them on stage with you during the contest so we can applaud both of you.