Unattended Children Policy

Official Policy

Serving children is an important part of the Amarillo Public Library. Children and their families are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities we provide for reading, learning, and growing. The safety and well being of all ages and the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to the enjoyment of are major concerns. Therefore, the following policies have been adopted:

    1. Children at are the responsibility of their parents/guardians at all times.


Library staff or volunteers cannot take responsibility for the care of an unattended child. It is mandatory that children age 12 or younger be accompanied and adequately supervised by a responsible person (parent, caregiver, or mature adolescent, age 14 years or older).

    1. Children 13 and up may attend unattended provided they are able to maintain proper behavior.


The Amarillo Public Library reserves the right to limit the use of the by children (and adults) who are infringing upon the rights of others by inappropriate behavior. If an unattended child behaves in a disruptive manner, the child will be asked to correct the behavior. If the behavior persists, Amarillo Public Library staff may, at their discretion, contact the parents, or ask the child to leave the convention. Failure to comply may result in the police being called.

Examples of inappropriate behavior are:

Eating/drinking in undesignated areas
Abusive language
Disturbing other attendees
Fighting (with cosplay weapons or without)
Rowdiness (running, wrestling, play-fighting)
Failure to comply with weapons or cosplay policy

  1. Parents and caregivers must be aware of the convention’s opening and closing times and make suitable arrangements to meet and/or transport their children.

If a child is unaccompanied at at closing every effort will be made to assist the child in calling his/her parents or caregivers. If the child has been abandoned or if a child’s ride has not arrived, Amarillo Public Library staff will not leave the child unattended outside the convention. If the caregiver cannot be reached, or if the ride is more than a few minutes late (no more than 30 minutes), the police will be notified.