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Meet AMA-CON 2017 Special Cosplay Guests Frostbite Cosplay

Frostbite Cosplay is an award winning fabrication team based in Arlington, Texas. Since starting in 2014, they have completed 31 full costumes from sources including Overwatch, How to Train Your Dragon, Metroid, My Little Pony, Street Sharks, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and many more. They have won numerous awards for their work and were recently awarded “Best in Show” at Fan Expo Dallas 2017 for their Mei and Reinhardt builds.

Meet AMA-CON 2017 Special Cosplay Guest Dat Ashe Cosplay

Dat Ashe Cosplay is a Finnish-American cosplayer.  He has been cosplaying since 2010, but started taking it to the next level in 2013. With over 40+ costumes, Ashe is most known for his stunning makeup, wig, and stitchwork; but he also has a strong ability to “Frankenstein” his Cosplay creations.

He’s worked as a burlesque dancer for Texan Heat Nerdlesque, is currently working for both Delta H Con and on photo-sets for Cosplay Deviants, and works as a freelance makeup artist.

Ashe is looking forward to all of the amazing costumes over the weekend!

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Cosplay Judges Girls of Geek

Girls of Geek


Girls of Geek is a community of real geek women who empower each other while promoting local businesses and events.

They are cosplayers, web designers, video game freaks, and comic geeks uniting to promote the geek community!

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.girlsofgeek.com/ and be sure to “LIKE” them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GirlsOfGeek.

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Cosplay Guest Nikachu Cosplay

Nikachu Cosplay


Nikachu Cosplay has been in enjoying the art of cosplay since 2012. Nikachu got involved in the anime culture at a very young age – it was love at first “Moon Prisim Power”. Nikachu brings her cosplays and creations to life. Nikachu also enjoys volunteering at events as her favorite Disney princess. Nikachu has won several awards for her cosplays. You can follow her progress and tips through her Facebook and Instagram.

Cosplay Policy for 2016

Cosplay Policy

AMA-CON understands the desire of many fans to cosplay in their favorite Steampunk attire, or as their favorite video game, anime, SciFi or comic book characters. However, we must place limits on the appropriateness of the cosplay attire during the convention at large and what you may wear onstage during the cosplay contests.

AMA-CON reserves the right to refuse the entry of a costume that Amarillo Public Library staff decides is unfit for an audience of all ages. Costumes deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly event will not be allowed to enter the convention or participate in the cosplay contests.

Any display of a cosplay prop in an aggressive or threatening manner, real or implied regardless of intent, or any other activity thought to be unsafe in the view of the Amarillo Public Library staff is strictly forbidden. At any time, should Amarillo Public Library staff see a weapon being carried or being used in an unsafe manner, the individual will be brought to the attention of Amarillo Police Department officers on duty as AMA-CON security.


Cosplay Guidelines

There will be five scheduled cosplay contests: Kids, Gaming, Anime, Comics, and Steampunk/SciFi. With the exception of the Kids category, each category has a novice and an expert bracket.  Steampunk and SciFi categories have been combined for scheduling purposes, but winners will still be awarded in both categories.

You may compete in more than one contest, but it is up to you to give yourself enough time to change costumes and care for them while at AMA-CON. You may not enter the same costume in more than one category.


Acceptable Cosplay Costumes

If you are registering in the Kids category, no more than 50% of your costume may be prefabricated. For example, going to a costume shop and renting a Spiderman costume does not qualify as cosplay. While you are welcome to cross the stage in the contest, pre-made or pre-bought costumes will not be judged in the contest or awarded prizes.

If you are registering in the novice bracket at least 50% of your costume needs to be modified from its original condition, handcrafted, or personally fabricated while 50% can be store bought.

If you are registering in the expert bracket 80% of your costume needs to be heavily modified from its original condition, handcrafted, or personally fabricated while 20% may be store bought. If you are modeling a costume designed by another person, you must give them full credit and preferably have them on stage with you during the contest so we can applaud both of you.



Cosplay Contest

Contestants must register and attend prejudging 30 minutes prior to the contests. Each contestant will have 30 seconds to walk the stage and show off the hard work put into your costume. If you would like to perform a short routine you may do so provided you do not perform any unsafe acrobatic acts on stage. Be sure to bring all the tools you need to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions while on stage. You may choose to cross the stage as a solo entrant or as part of a group.  One group cosplay prize may be awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges.

Judging will take place during the contest by a panel of community members, vendors, and experienced cosplayers who are not competing. The top three cosplayers and a People’s Choice winner from each category will be announced following the conclusion of each contest. One group cosplay prize may be awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges.


Law Enforcement Cosplay

Costumes that could be confused with local, state, or federal law enforcement of any kind are not permitted on the convention floor. AMA-CON reserves the right to determine if a uniform or costume resembles an unacceptable real world uniform at its sole and absolute discretion. Any and all costume and prop restrictions for the Cosplay events will be at the discretion of the Amarillo Public Library staff.



Signs of any kind are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to cardboard, poster board, notebook paper, etc.

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Cosplay Guest Mindy Tomlin

Mindy Tomlin

Mindy Tomlin, a.k.a. The Geeky Seamstress, is a self-taught seamstress, cosplayer, and commissioner. She has been in the industry since 2012 and won several awards for her costumes, including Best of Show for her Captain Marvel at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days in 2015. She’s been profiled on several websites, including Geek and Sundry.

Mindy blogs at thegeekyseamstress.com where she shares tips and tricks for cosplayers and sewers, along with detailed breakdowns of her creations. You can keep up with Mindy’s work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and see her latest creations for sale on Etsy.

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Special Cosplay Guest Alexsis Page

Alexsis Page


Hello everyone! I am Alexsis Page currently living in Oklahoma but I’m from El Paso, TX. I’ve been cosplaying for 3 years as of May. My types of costumes usually are of the superhero variety. I’ve done Hawkgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, and my favorite of all time “I Dream of Jeannie!”

I’m also a student getting my degree in Journalism and Media Production. Some upcoming projects of mine are a short film called “Typical Tuesday.” I’ll be speaking at All-Con Dallas in a couple of weeks, and I’m a new contributor for the Black Girl Nerds website. My favorite part of conventions is seeing all the people, cosplayers, exhibits, and artists. I’m really excited about this convention and to get to know all of you!