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Panel/Presentation Announcement – Kaia Cosplay Presents: Cosplay Crafting with Kaia Cosplay

Kaia Cosplay panel

Bring all your Cosplay questions to this open Cosplay Q&A that will cover anything and everything about Cosplay! Let’s discuss the Cosplay process: from planning to crafting to going to the Con. We will have something for everyone, whether you are a longterm Cosplayer or just don’t know where to start.

Sunday, August 2nd from 12:30-1:30pm in the Regency Room Panel/Presentation Area

Be sure to like Kaia Cosplay on Facebook at: https://www.Facebook.com/kaiacosplay99

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Special Cosplay Judges Girls of Geek

Girls of Geek

Girls of Geek is a community of real geek women who empower each other while promoting local businesses and events.

They are cosplayers, web designers, video game freaks, and comic geeks uniting to promote the geek community!

As a special treat, the Girls of Geek will have some of their awesome monthly subscription boxes onsite for purchase!  Each box contains EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS with a featured model every month, plus sweet Girls of Geek swag  AND as an added bonus every month, the box will have a featured artist and business offering you a FREE goodie from their business!

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.girlsofgeek.com/ and be sure to “LIKE” them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GirlsOfGeek.

Meet AMA-Con Vendor Ideas Are Bulletproof Studios


Ideas Are Bulletproof Studios

A word from Cody McGehee of Ideas Are Bulletproof Studios:

“Amarillo’s only multiplatform production company. Interested in YouTube, Twitch or Cosplay? How about being acting, directing, or even being a photographer? Ideas are Bulletproof Studios Network is a place for you. Always on the move making short films, YouTube shows, live streaming and working with models, we focus on the fact that no idea is stupid and with hard work and persistence that anything is possible. Ideas are Bulletproof Studios Network’s work has been seen in over 100 different countries and has an accumulative time of 150 hours of content. Some of our shows include; The Unboxing with Corey and Ziggy – a collaborated show with one of the founding fathers of The Swarm along with, The Talk – Podcast, The Creative Crew, Jump Start – Entertainment Update, and soon to be much, much more. Join us as we bring one of the best in cosplay this year to Ama-Con, Kaia Cosplay, and get a chance to get your photo taken by one of our professional photographers.

We are also going to be present at RTX 2015 this year follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IdeasAreBulletproofStudios and see what’s all happening in Austin, TX.

For those interested in joining our team you can email us at info@iabstudios.net

Kaia Cospaly

AMA-Con 2015 Cosplay Contest Schedule


Cosplay Contest Schedule – Saturday, August 1st

12 NOON Kids Cosplay Contest(12 and younger) Regency Room
2 PM Comics Cosplay Contest(13 and over) Regency Room
3:45 PM Steampunk Cosplay Contest(13 and over) Regency Room
5:30 PM Anime Cosplay Contest(13 and over) Regency Room




Cosplay Contest Schedule – Sunday, August 2nd

1 PM Gaming Cosplay Contest(13 and over) Regency Room
3 PM SciFi Cosplay Contest(13 and over) Regency Room



If you would like to download the schedule as a PDF, please click the following link: AMA-Con 2015 Cosplay Contest Schedule.


You may still register online for the cosplay contest via the Registration link above, or you may register onsite 15 minutes before the start of the competition.

AMA-Con 2014 Cosplay Results

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the Cosplay Final for ages 13 & Over at 6pm at this year’s AMA-Con, here is a listing of the finalists and the winners of this year’s contest.  Winners, please be sure to pick up your prizes at the Downtown Library!  Thanks to everyone who participated – this year’s cosplay was huge and we’re sure that it’s bound to get bigger and better!

13 & Over Cosplay Finalists for AMA-Con 2014


Jayson – Arrow – Comic



Aurora Aguayo – Mami Tamoe – Anime

Elena Gallegos – Juvia Loxar (Fairytail) – Anime

Chloe Stroud & Cory McAdams – Grell & Sebastian (Black Butler) – Anime


Cody Liles – Commander Shepherd – Gaming

Kyler Luckey – Ryu (Street Fighter) – Gaming

Laura Ashley Mucia – Beatrix (Final Fantasy 9) – Gaming



Amanda Houser – Parli – Sci-Fi

Fred Perez – Klingon – Sci-Fi


Kaia Cosplay – Steampunk Harley Quinn – Steampunk

Amanda Gentry – Steampunk Poison Ivy – Steampunk

Chris Potter – Detrius – Steampunk



13 & Over Cosplay Winners for AMA-Con 2014


Jayson – Arrow – Comic



Elena Gallegos – Juvia Loxar (Fairytail) – Anime

Cody Liles – Commander Shepherd – Gaming



Fred Perez – Klingon – Sci-Fi

Kaia Cosplay – Steampunk Harley Quinn – Steampunk

“Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity” to be Screened at AMA-Con

Cosplay Screening

Panhandle PBS will be taking part in AMA-Con this year with a screening of the Atlanta PBS film, “Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity.”  The documentary looks into the lives of people who have elevated science-fiction and comic book costuming to the professional level, and also explores why Atlanta has become an unlikely epicenter of the phenomenon.  Preview the film below, and check the AMA-Con event schedule for the screening time and location.


Cosplay Contest Update!

Our Cosplay contest registration is well underway and we have quite a few entrants so far!  That being said, if you know of anyone 12 or younger who would like to participate, please encourage their parent or guardian to register them for Cosplay!  Pull out those Harry Potter, superhero, and other costumes you have and jazz them up!  We’d love to see what you’ve got!

Please refer to the cosplay and weapons policies when planning your costume.

If you are registering in the 12 and younger bracket, no more than 50% of your costume may be prefabricated.  For example, going to a costume shop and renting a Spiderman costume does not qualify as cosplay.  While you are welcome to dress as such during the convention, obviously pre-made or pre-bought costumes will not be allowed into the contests.

If you are registering in the 13 and over bracket almost all of your costume needs to be heavily modified from its original condition, handcrafted, or personally fabricated.  If you are modeling a costume designed by another person, you must give them full credit and preferably have them on stage with you during the contest so we can applaud both of you.



Cosplay Announcement!

Cosplay Announcement! This year’s competition will recognize three winners in three categories: Steampunk, Comic, AND Anime! There will be winners in each catergory for entrants age 13 and up AND 12 years old and younger. If you are not sure which category works for your cosplay–we’ll leave it up to you. You can enter a costume in one category only.