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Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor Stagholm of The Noblesse Oblige Society

NOS Stagholm Stag

Stagholm is a chapter of The Noblesse Oblige Society, a Medieval recreation group. The group recreates all aspects of European Medieval culture from 800AD to 1600AD. The Noblesse Oblige Society is based out of White Deer, Texas.

So, come and sit around a fire with us. Have a flagon of mead while the drummers play, and the bard tells a tale. Join us at a sumptuous feast table, as the musicians play, and laughter rolls across the hall. Stand victorious over your foe, then raise a tankard with them at your camp as you swap tales. Cheer as a friend is surprised and called up in court to be honored by the Prince. Romance, chivalry, honor, and courtesy call. Come and create your own legend!