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Meet AMA-Con 2014 Author and Vendor Kristi Harms

kristi harms

Kristi Harms is creator and author of Modus Operandi #1, her children’s book Lola and Bernice #1 and is currently working on issue #2 of Lola and Bernice. Modus Operandi and Lola and Bernice are published by Third Empire Studio, drawn by Roman Morales III, and inked and colored by husband Greg Harms, with letters by Keith Braun. Kristi also does Steampunk jewelry and craftwork. She will have Lola and Bernice #1 and her jewelry at the show!



lola and bernice

Meet AMA-Con 2013 Steampunk Vendors Epsilon’s Emporium

Carnival Epsilon-Vending-Merch

Epsilon’s Emporium provides a wide variety of goods & services at conventions and events around the country! This includes their famous (and delicious) Epsilon’s Elixers, an amazing selection of handmade and vintage Steampunk jewelry and costume weaponry, and an amazing inventory of vinyl decals and embroidered iron-on patches to suit every nerd’s needs! They can also take custom orders with no minimum to buy!
Epsilon’s Emporium is usually booked alongside their Carnival Epsilon sideshow, but it can be booked separately! Just send an email to booking@carnivalepsilon.com if you’d like them for your next event!

Carnival Epsilon's Emporium

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Meet AMA-Con 2013 Steampunk Vendor Neo Genesis

Neo Genesis

Neo Genesis originates from Joseph Stalin’s plans to enslave Russia and kill off the Romanov family along with others (in 1917 the Russian Revolution). Captain Alexander and Lieutenant Roksana have both stolen the ship and have come across many of its present members across the world; and soon across time with the discovery of time travel from an unlikely visitor crash landing on the ship. Neo Genesis now travels through space and time looking for new adventures and seeking goals – Some of destroying some of progression.

Neo Genesis will be attending AMA-Con 2013 as vendors and supporters of Steampunk culture in the Amarillo area. Neo Genesis is also a part of Amarillo Steampunk which host many of the LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and RP (role-play) activities here in town.

A Note from Neo Genesis:
Thank you goes out to The Amarillo Public Libraries for allowing us to attend this year and we hope to see everyone at AMA-Con 2013!!!