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Registration Deadline #1 Approaching

Happy Valentine’s Day! We  how excited y’all are about AMA-CON 2017! Remember that tomorrow (February 15th) is the last day to register at the lowest price! Registration fees will go up on February 16th.

Visit the Vendor Registration tab at the top of the page to register or email Amanda Hope Izard at amanda.izard@amarillolibrary.org for more information.keeper

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Steampunk Vendor Michelle Wyrick of Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk

Lillie Mae's Steam Trunk


I am a local seamstress/designer that has embraced the Steampunk aesthetic.  I’ve been sewing for over 30 years and this genre fired my imagination.  Steampunk fashion has become my passion.  My daughters, Jessica and Mikala, often join me in the creative process.  They have inspired some of my diesel-punk pieces and a children’s line.  We make everything from clothing to accessories and have recently developed a Steampunk Murder Mystery Party Game.

Cons are my favorite part of this business next to creating.  Meeting people and hearing about how they put their costume and characters together is fascinating.  So make sure you drop by our booth and show us what you’ve done and check us out.  We could have an inspirational starter piece for you or that perfect you final touch.

Michelle Wyrick

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Comics Vendor Monster’s Lair Comics

Monster's Lair Comics

Monster’s Lair Comics, Lubbock’s premiere vintage comic book shop!  Specializing in Silver, Bronze, and Modern age comics!  Monster’s Lair Comics will be set up with over 20,000 $1 comics, and have a wide variety of Vintage comics!

Visit our Facebook page and send us a want list!  www.facebook.com/monsterslaircomics

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Vendor Scotty Grissom of Vampire Wombat

Vampire Wombat

A word from Scotty Grissom:

“I’ve been sculpting off and on for about 14 years. I got started from learning about latex mask making. I’ve had interest in special effects make up, animatronics, action figures, art dolls, and puppet making. I’m influenced by sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and anime. I’m currently working on the bugs on making action figures.”

Pictures will be available later this month at
Some things will be available for sell starting in June at

Meet AMA-CON 2016 Steampunk Vendor Lady Callista’s Wondernarium and Steampunk Bazaar

Lady Callista

Lady Callista’s sells Steampunk and Geekery to delight a wide audience. From starter Steampunk googles you can decorate yourself to one-of-a-kind art pieces in a variety of fandoms, from dicebags to costume pieces and props – there is always something for everyone.