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PayPal Payment System Now Available



The PayPal payment system has been updated and is now available to pay for your booths and any extra tables/chairs you may need!  Simply click the Vendor Registration link under the Registrations tab at the top of this page.  When submitting your application, be sure to wait until you see the PayPal message appear in the top right hand corner to make sure you can navigate to the actual PayPal menu.



AMA-CON 2016 Merchant/Artist Registration Forms Now Available

2016 Vendor Registration forms are now available for AMA-CON 2016, if you didn’t preregister in August.  You may download and print the form and mail it with payment to the address on the bottom of the form or you may bring it to the Downtown Library.

If you have any questions, please email me at amanda.shelburne@amarillolibrary.org.


Thank you,

Amanda Hope Shelburne

2016 Vendor Registration page 1

2016 Vendor Registration page 2

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor Ninguin Kaizer Designs

Ninguin Kaizer Designs

Ninguin Kaizer Designs is a group of 9 people who love to bring people closer in the world of all things “Nerd.”

From Card Games to Video Games, from little known fandoms to huge fandoms alike, we love it all. We do commission works for various things, if there is one that doesn’t know how to get what you want, you are almost guaranteed another one does. From traditional Art to Digital Art and handmade crafts such as mini sculptures and dolls we have a wide range of talents to suit your custom needs.

We have a published book called “Forces of the Divine” currently vol. 1 and working on 2. Our biggest aspiration for our future is to get into Video Game Design and possibly Animated Shorts.


Twitter : https://twitter.com/NinguinKaizerD

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ninguin-Kaizer-Designs/279193405446258

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor Kristin Vinson of Faire Treasures

Faire Treasures

Historically-inspired, handmade fantasy wear for the marvelous and mysterious! Steampunks, Victorians, Pirates & Gyspies alike should stop by Faire Treasures to find your own unique treasures.  Ladies’ lace capelets and skirts, jewelry and accessories, gentlemen’s vests and capes, hair beads for pirate and gypsies, and more marvelous miscellany.

After AMA-Con, follow Faire Treasures on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FaireTreasures and shop online at http://www.FaireTreasures.com!

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor Lady Callista’s Wondernarium and Steampunk Bazaar

We offer a large variety of steampunk and geekery designed to delight a wide audience. Our goods include a variety of pop culture references in the form of art canvases, jewelry, and home decor. We also offer steampunk costume pieces such as mock weapons, googles, jewelry, clothing. Last but certainly not lease, we take custom orders for any of the afformentioned items.


For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/LadyCallistas

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor Stagholm of The Noblesse Oblige Society

NOS Stagholm Stag

Stagholm is a chapter of The Noblesse Oblige Society, a Medieval recreation group. The group recreates all aspects of European Medieval culture from 800AD to 1600AD. The Noblesse Oblige Society is based out of White Deer, Texas.

So, come and sit around a fire with us. Have a flagon of mead while the drummers play, and the bard tells a tale. Join us at a sumptuous feast table, as the musicians play, and laughter rolls across the hall. Stand victorious over your foe, then raise a tankard with them at your camp as you swap tales. Cheer as a friend is surprised and called up in court to be honored by the Prince. Romance, chivalry, honor, and courtesy call. Come and create your own legend!

Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor “The Swarm”


Join The Swarm as they take on AMA-Con 2015! Corey, Ryan, Brandon, and more will be live in person and challenging you in all their favorite games! If you happen to beat them (which, let’s be honest, you will) you’ll be awarded with exclusive merchandise, free games, or even some free time on Xbox Live and Playstation Plus, on the house!

They’ll also be hosting the first ever “Swarm Recharge Center”, where you can take a moment and relax to recharge your phone’s batteries, as well as your own. With over 2,600 hours of content watched in 200 countries, The Swarm is focused on bringing laughs and entertainment to you through YouTube, Twitch, iTunes, and more!

Visit The Swarm at www.swarm.buzz to learn more!