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Meet AMA-Con 2014 Vendor Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares


Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares is a local handmade business in Fort Worth, Texas. Husband and wife team Erin and Keri Houchin work together to create products that bring imagination to life and inspire.

Erin is the woodworker and wandmaker. Keri crochets and sews owls and other soft items. Our goal is to produce wands that are as unique as the individual they choose. We do not replicate designs, either our own or someone else’s.

Our wands are made from natural materials – locally found or sustainably grown wood – and are free from toxic stains or finishes. We believe the natural beauty of the wood is important, as is the safety of our customers.

Meet AMA-Con 2014 Vendor Michelle Wyrick of Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk

Lillie Mae's Steam Trunk

I am a local seamstress/designer that has embraced the Steampunk aesthetic.  I’ve been sewing for over 30 years and this genre fired my imagination.  Steampunk fashion has become my passion.  My daughters, Jessica and Mikala, often join me in the creative process.  They have inspired some of my diesel-punk pieces and a children’s line.  We make everything from clothing to accessories and have recently developed a Steampunk Murder Mystery Party Game.

Cons are my favorite part of this business next to creating.  Meeting people and hearing about how they put their costume and characters together is fascinating.  So make sure you drop by our booth and show us what you’ve done and check us out.  We could have an inspirational starter piece for you or that perfect you final touch.

Good News, Everyone!

We’re a little less than a month away from AMA-Con 2014 and we have less than 20 booth spaces remaining!  If you’ve spoken to me about a booth, I’ve reserved your space, but you need to have your payment and paperwork to me by July 1st.  After that, your booth will be forfeit.

If you’re interested in having a booth at this year’s event and haven’t sent me your application/payment, yet, please do so as soon as possible!

We’re so excited about the awesome things going on at this year’s AMA-Con and we’d love to have you join us!

See you in July,

Amanda Hope Shelburne

Meet AMA-Con 2014 Vendor Otaku’s Emporium

Otaku's Emporium

Otaku – a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

“My main goal is to create a big anime community here in Amarillo, TX. A place where otakus, anime lovers, or new people can come hang out and interact with other people that share the same interest. I want to be the first anime shop here in Amarillo to create such a community. I’ve always enjoyed watching anime and collecting anime figures, and that’s what motivated me to open up an anime shop here in town.”

Meet AMA-Con 2013 Steampunk Vendors Epsilon’s Emporium

Carnival Epsilon-Vending-Merch

Epsilon’s Emporium provides a wide variety of goods & services at conventions and events around the country! This includes their famous (and delicious) Epsilon’s Elixers, an amazing selection of handmade and vintage Steampunk jewelry and costume weaponry, and an amazing inventory of vinyl decals and embroidered iron-on patches to suit every nerd’s needs! They can also take custom orders with no minimum to buy!
Epsilon’s Emporium is usually booked alongside their Carnival Epsilon sideshow, but it can be booked separately! Just send an email to booking@carnivalepsilon.com if you’d like them for your next event!

Carnival Epsilon's Emporium

Booking Info:

Marcus Epsilon





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Phi Remi



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Meet AMA-Con 2013 Vendor Ash Glenn of AlmostNerdy.com

Ash Glenn - Almost Nerdy


AlmostNerdy.com is designed to welcome anything and everything considered nerdy and anyone who wants to stay in touch with their nerdy side.  No one said you can’t be cool and still like nerdy things.

AlmostNerdy.com covers everything from movies, comic books, webcomics, sci-fi, TV shows, cosplay, gaming, conventions, collectibles, nerd humor, zombies, general nerd news, and anything else considered to be nerdy.  They really are your one stop shop for all things nerdy and a place to share information with fellow nerds. Release Your Inner Nerd.

Almost Nerdy


Meet AMA-Con 2013 Vendor Kristin Vinson of “Faire Treasures”

Kristin Vinson

Kristin “CrystalKittyCat” Vinson has been creating anything from art to jewelry to clothing for most of her life. A lover of random bits of the past, she sought to bring those influences to the present while putting her own twist upon them! Creating her own works including clothing pieces, one of a kind jewelry, and even woodburned iPhone cases. She has recently expanded Faire Treasures to include corsets, Steampunk styled shoes, and previously loved items.


Find all of Faire Treasures’ items on the official site,http://www.FaireTreasures.com and Etsy shop for all handmade pieces,http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrystalKittyCat.


And of course, follow updates on Facebook and Twitter