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Meet AMA-Con 2015 Vendor “The Swarm”


Join The Swarm as they take on AMA-Con 2015! Corey, Ryan, Brandon, and more will be live in person and challenging you in all their favorite games! If you happen to beat them (which, let’s be honest, you will) you’ll be awarded with exclusive merchandise, free games, or even some free time on Xbox Live and Playstation Plus, on the house!

They’ll also be hosting the first ever “Swarm Recharge Center”, where you can take a moment and relax to recharge your phone’s batteries, as well as your own. With over 2,600 hours of content watched in 200 countries, The Swarm is focused on bringing laughs and entertainment to you through YouTube, Twitch, iTunes, and more!

Visit The Swarm at www.swarm.buzz to learn more!